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Couple of hours with Mr. Gary

Hello friends, how are you all?
You must have read the interview of Mr. Ravi a few days back. We have, for a short time, felt and lived the experiences he has had in his over-sixty-year-old life. We also have come to learn many things from him.
Well, today we are lucky to have another such senior writer with us who has readily accepted to share a part of himself with us. Come, join me in my journey into the world of Mr. Gary Starta, the writer from Florida, USA, whose books have remained bestsellers over time, and whose latest book Dead Market has recently been released. Together let's see what Mr. Starta has in store for us.

Hello sir! Welcome to ‘The Insight’! It indeed is a great, great pleasure to have you here.
To begin with, please tell us something about your latest book.

This is a crime thriller which tells us about the history of a younger Det. Carter, who was popular in my bestseller Kindred Killers.

 I see. Could you please tell us how you came up up with the idea of this topic?

 I guess reading and watching a lot of crime stories, mostly geared towards forensic investigation.

Sir, please tell us something about yourself.

I am former journalist who began writing fiction about 11 years ago

Please tell us something about those whom you found by your side while writing this book.

Hmm. That would be tough, I find writing a solo process.

That's great!
Well, Please tell us about your interaction with the publisher.

This book is self published on KDP so I can control content and pricing. I wanted to price it as a bargain for readers.

Sir, please let us know of your other works as well.

I do a variety of crime novels including SCI-FI crime: The Caitlin Diggs series as well as the Camden Investigations.

Please tell us about the writers who inspire you, or who you love to read.

Wow! That would be Dean Koontz, Patricia Cornwall, Stephen King, and Jim Butcher.

Wow! They indeed are a great choice.
Well, I had been thinking over this question of late. These days, apart from printed books, we also find e-book readers that help us read soft copies of any book. What do you personally have to say about this second option?

I believe I have been able to reach my audience solely through kindle ebooks. For a new writer, it allows readers to test you out without committing to a higher priced print book.

You are one of the senior interviewees of this blog. What message do you have for the young and budding authors of today (myself included :P )?

Persistence and patience are always the key! If you believe in yourself and your stories persevere and never give in or give up. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to break formula.

Thank you sir! Hope your words continue to inspire us.
Well, last but not the least, You are the fourth person to have been interviewed in this recently made blog. Please give your feedback regarding this entire interview session.

I appreciate any chance to get my characters and books exposure to all the great readers out there who validate why we do this for them, because most of us are readers ourselves who want to produce a book we would want as readers.

Thanks for being with us, sir. We wish you the best for your book and your life ahead!

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This review is from: Murder By Association: A Stanford Carter Prequel (Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
A serial Killer dubbed the 'plunger' killer is on the loose. Standford Carter is back along with Caitlin Diggs and her partner Geoffrey McAlistair. This book takes readers into first the speed dating craze and then into politics and forensics as the search for not only the serial killer but a copy cat is looked for. The author does a great job combining police procedure and suspenseful adventure in yet another great work. Reading a Gary Starta book is a pleasure and a heart pounding adventure. No matter which book by this author you choose you will be thoroughly entertained. I suggest you try all.

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BLOOD WEB - Caitlin faces a killer controlled by a crystal via biological internet ‘riveting’.
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