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A Sunday Evening with Dr. Nikhil

Hello friends!
Passion is such an amazing thing, isn’t it? It’s blind- just like love. It comes in any form to any person. Saif Ali Khan, the son of a cricketer, had the passion towards acting. Passion often makes us do things that we ourselves often find crazy, let alone the people around. Worse, it even makes us compromise with our basic tasks! I know a boy who, unable to write much in his answer paper during one of his exams, spent the time drawing the sketch of the exam-hall. The drawing was so decent that the teacher simply could not fail him. He ended up with the passing mark.
But the truth is- it is the passion that is life. It is the passion that is dream. And it is the passion itself that ultimately helps us reach the heights!
Today, we have one such person whose passion for writing had always been a hindrance to his studies- so much so that it affected his academic performance to such an extent extent he even had to prepare a fake copy of his marksheet in order to pacify his parents. Today, the same passion has won him laurels! It’s time to meet the 5th interviewee of this blog, the 22-year-old college-dropout-turned-author-cum-filmmaker, Dr. Nikhil Chandwani, and see what he has in store for us!

Hello Dr. Nikhil! Welcome to The Insight. Thanks a lot for giving us a portion of your precious time!
To begin with, please tell us something about the book that has got you the ‘Conspiracy Novel of the year Award’. 

I was awarded this honour an year back for my novel, Coded Conspiracy. The book was sent to the American society that secured this highest honour in the particular category. The novel is a crime fiction that circulated about the false propaganda of hacking.

Please tell us what you do at present, and where you write from.

I’m currently working as professor at KL University Vijayawada. I write from my home here but I started from my college days in VIT Vellore.

Could you please tell us something about your childhood?

Single son of parents, I found writing to be my better friend than other children around. Writing and photography motivated me towards my goal of reaching out to masses.

A college dropout to an award-winning author. Please describe this journey in brief. 

I was granted a PhD from White Lake for receiving international honours and writing award winning documentaries. The journey as I look back was funny, full of humour and sarcasm. Travelled major places, wrote poetry round the clock, directed some travel TV shows and ended up producing an upcoming Hindi movie titled SHE. I became the youngest professor and producer in the world.

That's really an awesome thing to know!
Dr. Nikhil, could you please tell us what incident or event you believe to be the turning point of your life?

Failing. I wasn’t afraid of failure. The capacity to open my eyes every morning after failing the night before taught me not to commit same mistakes again and again. 

Apart from writing books, you also specialize in filmmaking. Could you please describe your journey as a filmmaker?

Yes I directed travel show escape from Kenya and amazing amazon adventures. I m a firm admirer of nature and so, I usually travel and shoot wildlife.

Please tell us something about your other fields of interest.

I enjoyed commercial success as a director, author, photographer but the only field or probably the only passion that drove me is poetry. I found everything, even professorship, poetic in nature.

Who is/are your role model(s)?

Paul Heyman, my role model and the person I look up to. And of course my parents have played a major part in my success story.

Please name the writers you love to read. 

Nature. No one else. I read and follow nature.

How would you best describe the word ‘success’ in one sentence?

A random bottle of scotch without caring about money available in pocket is success for me.

Wow! I loved your answer!
What advice would you love to give to the youngsters of today who are struggling for success in their respective fields? 

You cannot achieve success if you fear failure. If you’re not afraid of failing, you have a chance to win. But you are never gonna get there until you risk it all the way.

Once again, I simply loved your answer! Hope your words continue to inspire the readers!
Well, last but not the least, you are the fifth author whose interview is to become a part of ‘The Insight’. Please give your feedback on this blog as well as this interview session.

Beautiful and innovative blog concept. Wish you the best for all your future endeavours.

Thank you Dr. Nikhil! We wish you the best for your life ahead! You indeed have a long, long way to go!

To know more details about the author, please click here.

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