Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An hour with Paras

Hello friends, it has been a good time since I had posted my last interview. Well, from now on I shall be quite regular at it. New writers are coming up and it indeed gives pleasure to get into their lives and know the story behind their success.

Today, we have a budding young writer, Paras with us, whose debut book, Hues of Modern Love has recently hit the markets. Let us look into the world of Paras and see what he has in store for us.

Hello Paras! Welcome to ‘The Insight’!

To begin with, please tell us something about your debut book.

This was the best experience ever in my life, those flash lights of camera, the feeling of stardom and when a star comedian from Mumbai came to launch my debut novel, which was the wonderful experience for the first novel.  I launched it in my city. I wasn’t having any good knowledge of where to go and what to do but believe me going wrong places solved my infinite questions. May be this is the reason I am writing this interview to you.
If I might have a god father, I must have gone to Mumbai to launch it among TV stars; I must have gone to so many of media people. I might have joined a press club; I might have talked with so many authors. So much to do for my first novel but I lack knowledge there.

“Writing only will not solve the purpose but trying hard to make it popular will”. That’s the best line to spread for upcoming authors.

Could you please narrate us in brief your journey of writing this book?
      Writing a novel is not an easy task but believe me if you enjoy writing, then writing is not a cumbersome task either. I heard it somewhere, “I wrote it on the piece of paper and then left it alone for some time, so that life could cook in it.”
But it was really difficult for me to write this novel as I was stuck in between thrice. One of the best things throughout this journey which came as a forever lesson to me was “if you share your problem with the third person then that person will destroy your relationship”
      The best example is still lying on the Facebook- search the page “I love breakups” and you will find my name there. It’s the previous title which I had decided earlier with a publisher. Though that publisher is still in touch with me but I believe that if you will discuss your problem with someone else instead of solving directly with your publisher then you will suffer, for sure.

Your book contains the term ‘modern love’. What, according to you, is the basic difference between ‘modern love’ and ‘ancient love’?

Love is the only thing which isn’t easy to understand. Here, I actually am not telling and explaining any difference between ancient and modern love. My basic motive to present this book in the front of the entire audience was to show them the real face of love they are weaving.
This book is mirror to all those who are somewhere in love but using this term in the coverage of intimacy, smooch and sex. I know this book will not be accepted by a section of the youth or even adults but this is the real part of what we people are doing in the name of MODERN LOVE.

Please let us know something about yourself.

I am leaving it blank as I don’t have a good reason to fill it. I am sorry here. Please don’t mind.

No issues!
Please tell us something about the people whom you found by your side in this journey.

Rohit, he was my mentor in everything. We gave it an initial start but then due to some misunderstandings we broke up. Then comes, Shyna. She believed in me and boosted me when I need it most. It’s all because of her prayers and wishes that now I am writing this interview to you for my book.  Very big thanks to her.
Then comes Neyha Nayyar, she is there in the book. I have named her “Neha”. Each and everything which defines the beauty of that character, actually describes her (though she is still unaware). She gave me those beautiful lines for the book.
One of them is: - Not so close, not so far and we save our love in the jar….
Cheshta Bhardawaj, the only friend of mine who told me to read books in free time and don’t waste it by sitting idle. It’s just because of her that now I am down with second book.

Please share with us your experience with the publisher.

Perceptions of every author and then reader is different, same is applicable with publishers and literary agents. They all are different in there market views, scale of operations and every single thought.
Aniket was one of the guys who helped me in my bad times, when I was struggling with my book trying to get it published. It was he who showed me the way. Experience with him was good, he helped me a lot and he was patient enough not to listen to all my thoughts. It gave me a lesson- “Be patient, and things will work on time decided by our karmas”.

Wow! I hope the lesson you got, be a lesson for our readers as well.

Please name the authors you love to read.

Paulo Coelho was one of the best author I came across but if you talk about Agatha her writings were mind-boggling fantastic. There are infinity authors who are best in there genre. Like RK Narayan, the renowned author of THE GUIDE, his simplicity and weaving story was speechless.
Recently I had gone through with Jhumpa Lahiri’s “The Lowland”.
At last I would say, I love reading so no partiality please. I love to read more authors. Suggest me the best books please.

What are your passions apart from writing?

I am in love with singing, playing guitar and dancing. I am in bad love, with all of it.  Passions are something which keep getting added now and then. Like these days am going crazy about painting.

What message do you want to give to the budding writers of today?

To all those who are better than me and the ones who are thinking that they cannot do better, I only have one message for them. “Don’t worry to take risk, if you fail you are already ready for the one who is afraid to give initial start for other things.”
I have one example here: - my senior discussed about writings one fine day with me and he told me to talk with his niece who is looking for a publisher. All I need to do is, to help her and get her book published.  All the things I had gone through acted a good support to her and she enjoyed getting the direct contacts of the publishers which I struggled getting. She will soon be launching her debut novel- in the middle of this year.

Wow that is a great thing to know! Our good wishes also are with her.

Well, Thank you Paras for being with us! We really had a great time with you.
We hope your words inspire our readers, as well as wish you the best for your future!

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